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Corporate Accounts

What are corporates

The option 'Corporates' in BookingPad allows your agency creating the accounts for your corporate clients. You can create and save numerous traveler and manager profiles into one account, save corporate loyalty programs, discount codes, passenger miles programs etc. Corporates are not set by default in BookingPad, you need to send a request to our support team to enable this function for your agency.

How to set-up a corporate account

Add a new corporate account

Click on the + icon on the right hand side.
Enter name and account ID into the new window that will pop up.
Whitelist email domains for the whole corporate if needed.
Click Save


Click on the plus icon on the right hand side
Select the provider a corporate has special discount with.
Enter a corporate discount code and/or corporate loyalty program (e.g. Bluebiz for AFKL) into the field.

Corporate Loyalty Program will be displayed for those providers which have it enabled: BA, IB, AFKLM and LHG

The given corporate discount code or loyalty code will be automatically filled in your orders in PAX details.

Create profiles

Once the corporate account is created, you can add managers and travelers clicking on the plus icon.


Fill in the details of the passenger. These details will be always auto filled once the traveler profile is selected in PAX details.

While Travelers will always have a "Traveler Profile", Managers have the option to enable if needed.

Editing Profiles

After creating a profile you will be able to see them on the list of either Managers o Travelers, from it you can select one and change their details by navigating through the tabs.

Frequent Flyer Numbers

In case the traveler has any frequent flyer program, you can add it and in this section. Click on the button "+".

Select the airline from the list, fill in the member number and click the button 'Add'.

Shop with a Corporate account

You can add the corporate account to the reservation by pre-selecting the corporate at the beginning of your search.

Click on 'Corporate'.
Start typing the corporate name, the list of options will pop up
Select the company

Another option where to add a corporate account is when you already selected the itinerary and you got to PAX details.
Search and add the corporate account the same way as was explained above.

Updated on: 05/06/2024

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