Manage agents on the platform

Find out how to add new agents, make them "Superagents" or remove them.

To be able to take this action you need "Superagent" privilege

Login to our Agency Portal using your Superagent credentials.

Invite New Agents Process

  1. Once logged in to the Agency Portal as a Superagent, you will be able to see the options below at the top navigation menu
  2. Click “Invite New Agent” or "Invite New Superagent" button.
  3. Enter Agent’s work email address. You can add more than one email at the same time using a comma to separate 
  4. New Agent’s invitation will be listed as pendingIf you want to upgrade an agent to "Superagent" when it's already created, you can use the + icon under the Superagent column, at the right of the selected agent.