Accessing Bookingpad

Register as a New user and Login

User access is managed by Superagents via the Bookingpad Agency Portal. Therefore, to be granted access to Bookingpad, you need to request an invitation by email to one of your agency Superagents.

Register a New User

  1. Superagent must send an invitation to the new user via the Bookingpad Agency Portal.
  2. An email invitation will be sent to the new user. Follow the instructions and complete the Bookingpad Sign-Up Form.
  3. Once completed, the new user can access Bookingpad from any location using a Web browser.

TIP: For the best compatibility and user experience, we recommend using Google Chrome.

Log In

  1. Once registered, go to Bookingpad. Login form will appear as below
  2. Enter your:
    - Username
    - Agency ID
    - Password
  3. Click "Sign In"Please note:  Your Username and Agency ID has been given to you via the Welcome email entitled "You have been registered at Bookingpad Agency Portal". If you don't remember the login details, please go to the following link: or use "Forgot password" at the left bottom corner of the login page (you will get an email with a link to set the new password, once this is done, you will receive another confirmation email confirming the password was changed). If you need further assistance, please contact us using our chat widget at the bottom right of the page.