Web Search

Get familiar with all the elements and options for web search

Web Search Elements

  1. Trip Type
  2. Passengers
  3. Cabin Type
  4. Fare Type
  5. Corporate Discount Code
  6. Departing and Arriving Airports
    To reverse selection click the arrows icon.
  7. Date
    Default date will be today's date.
  8. Special Discounts
    To select resident or large family information
  9. Search
    To view results

Start Web Search

  1. Select Trip Type:
    Select number of passengers using the (-) and (+) icons:
  2. Select Cabin Type.
  3. If applicable, select Fare Type from the drop-down list or leave as No Preference.
  4. Enter any applicable Corporate Discount Codes.
  5. Enter the Departing Airport and Arriving Airport codes:
  6. Use the calendar to select the Departure Date:
  7. If applicable, click Show special discounts to enter:
    1. Resident information
    2. Large family information
  8. Click Search to view results.