Add Ancillary Services

Select ancillary services before booking and issuing the ticket

Depending on the chosen airline and flight you might be able to select ancillary services on more than one occasion.

As a first option, you might be able to select different services for each passenger on the reservation page (after filling in all the required information for each passenger and before booking).

Select ancillary services after issuing the ticket

On a second occasion, you might be able to select services after your booking is made.

For this option, use the Orders > Search function to quickly find the Issued Booking. At the bottom of the Order Details, the available order actions are displayed:

Click Select Services to view additional services available from the airline for each segment of the trip (such as excess baggage or disability assistance).

  1. Select the services required.
  2. Click Next.
  3. A summary of selected services will be displayed. Review, confirm or remove selected services as required.
  4. Click Payment to proceed.
  5. The Fill payment data form will appear. Select the Payment method and enter the required payment details.
  6. Click Proceed
  7. A success message will be displayed. Click OK to dismiss.
  8. Confirmation of the additional services will be displayed in two locations:
          Order Details, under Ancillaries.
          Order History, as a Services Addition.Please notice: Most airlines do not accept on-hold bookings when services or seats are added to the order.