Agency Portal Navigation

Login to Bookingpad's Agency Portal

You can sign in to your agency portal on the website The portal is accessible only to Manager agents and the login details are the same as for Bookingpad account (same username, agency ID, password). 

Main Navigation

Once you are logged in, you will see a main dashboard including your agency details. Down below you can find a button to log in to Bookingpad directly or you can get API keys. The main menu on the top consists of six sections: 

1. Dashboard

Here you can find a main overview of your agency showing the agency name, number of agents, enabled airlines, etc. 

2. Analytics  

You can generate reports showing the agency performance on Bookingpad. 

3. Applications

In case you want to use any provider with NDC content solution, you can activate the provider directly from here. 

4. Agents 

In this section you can manage all agents within your company. You can invite new agents, new managers, change agent role (booker, issuer, manager), activate and deactivate users. 

5. Subagencies

If your agency has more branches, you can add and manage new subagencies in this section. 

6. Airlines

You can find a list of your enabled airlines and providers in this section.

Profile and Password change 

On the top right corner you can see your email address. When you click on the arrow next to it, you will get a drop down menu where you can change your profile details, change password and also log out from the account.