August 2022 Release

Set fiscal ID as mandatory for agencies from Ecuador and Peru

In some occasions, airlines such as Iberia and Avianca requires tax information from the company, especially when the airlines belong to certain countries, such as Ecuador or Peru. We changed this to a mandatory requirement when creating the order. You can read more about Additional documents in this article

Fix 'Hide Codeshare' button for all airlines 

Previously this filter didn't work properly for some airlines (e.g. AA was still showing BA flights), now it's fixed and works for all airlines. 

Change UI of seat selection

Selected seats were showed in the color of deactivated buttons and user was not able to select a new seat for the flights where the seats were already selected.The selected seats are now highlighted in red color. 

Add amount of the baggage in the PDF doc 

If there is more than one baggage included, the number of baggages is displayed in PDF doc. 

Optional fields and lines in remarks 

It's now possible to define which fields in remarks will be optional and set if the empty optional line should or shouldn't be sent to AIR files. Read more about remarks in this article

Fix error showing disclosures 

Disclosure icons are properly displayed and grouped in AirShopping for each segment. 

Show 'Cancel to Voucher' option only when it's allowed

The button 'Cancel to Voucher' is now available only for orders where this option is allowed. 

Improve error message when OrderCreate fails 

The whole design and description of the error message was changed.