September 2022 Release

Remarks - Add auto-field to add ''Agent ID'' automatically 

If your remarks include details about agent name, the name of the agent is automatically filled based on the actual Bookingpad user. On the example below, the agent name German is automatically filled. Read more about remarks in this article

Remarks - Available on OrderCreate

Remarks can be now enabled during the booking process (on OrderCreate) and we can set them as a mandatory item so the agents can't skip it. If you request to activate the booking remarks, you will need to complete them in the third step in OrderCreate (1. Offer -> 2. PAX -> 3. Remarks -> 4. Reservation). 

Remove Date of Birth and Passport requirements

Since DoB and Passport details are not mandatory for all airlines, we removed these requirements when creating an order. Both options are now voluntary and agents must know when the details are needed to be filled. 

Remove Name Title default selection

The default selection for title which was the first option MR was removed and there is none by default.

Implement name correction

We've implemented a name change (up to 3 characters) which is currently available for AFKL, BA and IB airlines. The name is possible to correct for on-hold and also issued orders, and this option can be found in Order Details -> button 'Change passenger details'

Add UTC to history times

The UTC info (Universal Time Coordinated) was added to every time that appers in Order History.

Improve unused ticket payment method

The payment method by credit from unused ticket (BA airline) was returning two errors in field number and amount which were fixed.
1. Number - the field for voucher ticket number had a wrong format; it was corrected to the proper one which is 125-4213731613.
2. Amount - there was a problem when a number bigger than 99.99 was not recognized properly. It was fixed and values over 99.99 works properly. 

Create 'Send Email Document' function

We've created an HTML template to send itinerary via email to the recipient. It's a similar solution to the PDF doc which can be downloaded on the page, but more practical as the whole itinerary can be immediately resent via email. It's available for both on-hold and issued orders and for all airlines. Just click on the button ''Send Email Document'' on top right and choose a recipient. 

Improve UI to display empty/no results airlines

If there are no results for a particular airline that you are searching, the airline will be listed below the offer grid. 

Improve disruption status display 

The name of the button 'Confirm Disruption' was changed to 'Confirm Changes' and a gap between each word was added in disruption status for better clarity. 

Firefox - hotkeys for autofilling passenger and payment details 

It's recommended to use Bookingpad mainly in Chrome as some functions might not work properly in other browsers. However, as Firefox is widely used too, we enabled hotkeys to autofill passenger and payment details in the browser.