October 2022 Release

Add an option to search by full airport names 

Searching the origin/destination airport is now possible by the full airport name, not just the airport code. The function can be enabled in the account setting. For more details check this article

Change ''Search Again'' behavior to ''Book Again''

Once the order is created, you can continue shopping for the same customer and airline via a button ''Book Again''. The passenger data will be stored and autofilled in the next reservation. Read more details in this article. 

Add an information mark for Document Type and Document ID

Information marks were added to Document Type and Document ID for showing more details. When you point your mouse cursor on the red star, an informative banner will show up. Read more info about Document Type in this article.

Sort airlines by name in grid and for empty results 

When shopping, you can filter airline results in grid by fare (group by fare) or class (group by class) and airlines will be sorted alphabetically by default. Also, the airlines that won't have any results (Empty/no result) will be listed alphabetically below the grid. 

Add title to all airline logos 

When pointing a mouse cursor at the airline logo, the full name of the airline is shown. 

Add info for multi-city ''Open'' button

When you search for a multi-city trip and don't have all segments selected, a popup message saying ''missing flights'' will be displayed when you hover over the ''Open'' button.

Fix payment issue for OrderReshop with 0€ reprice 

We fixed a problem with Order Reshop payment which occurred when offer reprice was 0€ on AV, AY and SQ airline and the payment failed. Now it's possible to make changes with the affected airlines even when the reprice is for free without getting the error (for example departure change on the same day).

Order change for no-show flight 

It's possible to make changes for post-flight orders which the customer didn't take (no-show) if the airline and selected fare allows it. In case there is an open status for non-used ticket coupon, the customer is allowed to make changes (Reshop, Cancel) according to fare rules. There's a hard OrderRetrieve in Bookingpad for non-started orders after 4 hours.

Allow full surname change with AFKL

Full name change on the last name (surname) without restrictions is now allowed if the order contains a corporate code.

Fix infant name for Avianca 

We fixed an issue with displaying wrong name and surname for INF, which was in the same format that AV airline returned to us. INF name is now shown properly as CHD name and surname.