November 2022 Release

Add document information to PDF and email 

The information about document (passport, ID, visa, etc.) is now also shown in the PDF file that can be dowloaded and in the email html that can be sent from Bookingpad website directly. 

Document details shown in PDF 

Document details shown in Email 

Improve missing info in passenger form

In case the passenger form was missing any information of the traveler, the explanation of which details were missing was not very clear (e.g. which passenger has a missing information, optional expiration date for documents etc.) Now we properly show missing information when a passengers from saved account is selected and we also changed tab focus when passenger info is missing. 

Add new elements to document types 

We added other elements to document types, which you can select for your order clicking on the ''Add document'' button. The new accepted document types are:

- Crew Member Certificate
- Military ID
- US Naturalization Card 
- Passport Card
- Permanent Resident Card

You can read more about adding documents to the order in this article


Fix message for mandatory remarks 

When any details are missing in mandatory fields for remarks in order creation, a message saying ''Remarks must be filled and saved!'' will pop up when clicking on the ''Next'' button.