December 2022 Release

Allow changes in passenger data

It's now allowed to change and modify several information in passenger details even after issuing a ticket. The changes are allowed by BA, IB, AF and KLM airlines. What can be currently changed: 

AFKL: Modify names, surnames and title. Add/modify documents.
BA: Modify names, surnames and title (surname only on the on hold orders). Add/modify documents.
IB: Modify names, surnames and title.

Add Airline filter 

We added a filter for airlines to the extended filter on the left-hand side in Bookingpad. You can now select which airlines you want to see the results for by checking the box. By default, are airlines are selected. 

Show passengers always in the same order

Passengers are listed in the same order on all places in Bookingpad (e.g. in order details, seats, services). The order is always as follows: ADT, YAD, CHD, INF. 

Add Booking Type filter to Order Search

When searching for a particular order, you can use filters such as PNR, status, ticket number etc. We added another filter for the booking type, so you can now filter out one-way, round-trip or multi-city flights. The filter can be found in Orders -> Search -> Booking Type. 

Clone country codes to Other Documents 

In case you filled the Document Type section section in the order and want to add another document (e.g. VISA, Green card) in Other Documents section, the country codes from the previous document will be cloned and autofilled. 

Add modal window for email document 

We added a modal window for the function 'Send Document', so you can insert the email address to which you want to send order details. Click on 'Send Email Document' button in Order View and type the email address where order details should be sent (e.g. agent, customer). 

Fix fare combination filtering 

Airlines that allow fare combination (e.g. outbound public fare + inbound private fare), do properly show all available offers in AirShopping. However, fare combination is not available for all providers, it can be booked only with providers that allow it.