PDF Generation and Customization

Once you create an order in Bookingpad (on-hold or ticketed), it's possible to download order details in PDF or send them via email. 

PDF Generation  

This option is available on the top-right menu via two buttons at the moment: Legacy PDF and Download PDF.

  • Legacy PDF button - a legacy version which allows you to customize some values
  • Download PDF button - a new version with a default non-price template

  • PDF Customization 

    The default template for PDF download and email is a non-price template. It's also possible to customize the PDF to suit your needs. If you require further customization, you can create a template yourself in Liquid and send it to us. 

    Fields that can be used in templates for customization: 

    subject -> Subject of the mail
    agencyLogo -> agency's logo url served from our systems
    providerLogo -> provider's logo url served from our systems
    pnr -> order PNR
    status -> booking status
    passengers -> list of passengers with many information inside which can be looped in template
    passenger.data.title -> title of the passenger (Mr, Mrs...)
    passenger.data.name -> name of the passenger
    passenger.data.surname -> surname of the passenger
    passenger.data.birthdate -> passenger birthdate (if set)
    passenger.data.email -> passenger email (if set)
    passenger.data.phone -> passenger phone (if set)
    passenger.travelerReference -> passenger traveler reference from the airline
    passenger.document.documentType -> main document associated to the passenger type (passport, visa...)
    passenger.document.documentID -> main document associated to the passenger number
    passenger.documents -> list of documents associated to the passenger which can be looped in template
    document.documentType -> document type (passport, visa...)
    document.documentID -> document number
    agencyData -> information related to the agency with many fields inside
    agencyData.agency -> agency name
    agencyData.email -> agency email
    price.consumer.total -> total price paid by consumer
    price.consumer.currency -> consumer currency
    flights -> list of flights which can be looped in template
    flight.segments -> list of segments inside a flight which can be looped in template
    flight.departure.date -> date of departure for that flight
    flight.departure.airportCode -> flight departure airport code
    flight.arrival.airportCode -> flight arrival airport code
    flight.baggageAllowance.carryOn -> list of carry on baggages allowed for current booking
    flight.baggageAllowance.options[0].quantity -> allowed number of carry on baggages for a given traveler flight.baggageAllowance.passengerRefs -> reference to the passenger associated to that carry on baggage flight.baggageAllowance.checked -> same as carry on but for carry on baggage flight.key -> reference key of that flight segment.originDestination.departure.airportCode -> airport code for that segment origin segment.originDestination.arrival.airportCode -> airport code for that segment arrival segment.operatingCarrier.airlineID -> airline IATA code for the operating carrier of that segment segment.equipment.aircraftCode -> aircraft code for that segment (it can be a plane number, train, bus...) segment.originDestination.departure.date -> segment departure date segment.originDestination.departure.time -> segment departure time segment.originDestination.arrival.date -> segment arrival date segment.originDestination.arrival.time -> segment arrival time segment.detail.duration -> duration of that segment segment.originDestination.arrival.terminalName -> name of the terminal in the arrival segment.detail.classOfService.code -> class of service code for that segment segment.detail.classOfService.cabinDesignator -> class of service cabin designator for that segment disclosures -> list of disclosures which can be looped in template disclosures.descriptions -> list of descriptions in each disclosure disclosures.descriptions.originDestinationReference -> origin destination reference (flight keys) disclosures.descriptions[].category -> category of the disclosure (cancellation, change...) disclosures.descriptions[].text -> text of the disclosure

    You can see an example in the attached document with our default template.