Preset function

What is Preset

Preset is a function in BookingPad that allows your agency to access a unique airline content - special fares. By using the preset function, the user can create a preset template for every single fare type that the agent wants to access in BP. So called presets are a combinations of various parameters such as preferences (types of the fares, for example: negotiated, marine, tour operator, etc.), PTCs, qualifiers (account ID, promo code) and airlines. By setting these parameters you will get a tailored content for your agency. 

You can find the preset option above the search window and select your template before the shopping. It shows 'No Preset' by default. 

How to set up Presets 

Before starting to use presets, you first need to create your own preset templates. Click on the drop-down menu and select 'Edit Presets'. 

Then click on the option 'Add' in the upper right corner. 

You will get to Preset Details where you need to configure your preset. 

  • Title - fill in the name of your preset (for example Copa negotiated fare). It's a mandatory field. 
  • Airline - select the airline on which the settings should apply. It's a mandatory field. 
  • PTC - must be always mapped to the required PTC of the selected airline + preference. Choose PTC from the selection or add a new one. 
  • Preference - you can choose the fare type from the selection or create a new one. If you need to add a new preference, click on 'Add new' and fill the code (optional), definition and title. 
  • Qualifier - fill in the Account/Contract ID or Promote Code if the airline provided you with this detail.

Once done, click on the button Save. 

On presets page, you can see an overview of your presets configuration in the table. There are also functions such as import, export, add new preset, edit or delete. 

How to use Presets 

At the very beginning, before searching the offers, select the preset that you want to apply for your search. Then specify other details and click on Search. 

Bellow you will get the results tied to the selected preset (for example, Copa negotiated fares on the sample screenshot). 

Then select the offers you want to book and continue as normal as with any booking.

Video tutorial

1. Creating presets 

2. Checking the settings

3. Using presets 

Presets supported: 

Presets for Iberia
Presets for Aegean
Presets for Air France/KLM
Presets for Lufthansa
Presets for Emirates
Presets for Singapore Airlines
Presets for British Airways
Presets for Copa Airlines