BookingPad Chrome Extension

What is it 

This BookingPad extension allows you compare the content, and specially prices, between GDS (Amadeus) and NDC (Airgateway). All you need to do is to download this extension to your browser, which is completely for free, and start shopping in Amadeus. 

How it works 

1. Click on this option to access the BookingPad Chrome extension:

Then download the extension by clicking on 'Add to Chrome'. 

2. Click on the icon and log into your AirGateway account in the browser

Once you log in, you can set the currency. 

3. Open Amadeus and start shopping. The extension will automatically search in BookingPad for the same flights, and, if results are found, they will be displayed in the pop up window. You can then compare the offers and prices. 

4. If you decide to book a flight provided in BookingPad extension, just click on 'Open' button and you'll be redirected to the BookingPad where you can smoothly continue with the booking.   

Feel free to check this explanatory video on our YouTube channel :)