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If your Agency has more branches, you can add them as Subagencies to have them connected to your Main agency or Superagency.

The Superagency will have a new tab at the top of the screen similar to the Orders tab where they will be able to see, filter and search orders done by subagencies under them.

Subagencies will only have access to the orders they have done.

Each subagency must have at least one manager who will be able to invite Agents from inside the subagency.

Subagency Management

To add or remove subagencies you can go into the "Subagency management" option and create a new one by clicking on the ➕ icon or remove an already existing subagency by clicking on the 🗑️on it's row inside the table

Agents Management

Managers of the subagency can read this article to understand how to modify their agents.

Managers of an agency and its subagencies can make the same changes to agents within subagencies directly from the Main agency interface

Updated on: 22/05/2024

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