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Downstream process - AIR/MIR files

What are AIR and MIR files

AIR file (used by Amadeus) and MIR file (used by Travelport), is a file that includes information about your order and remarks that can be transported to your mid or back-office so you can keep a track of all the created orders.

How to set an automated downstream process

The process is as follows: 
Downstream request (contact our operations team at
Setting up AGW
Setting up FTP

The AIR/MIR files are uploaded to a directory to which you have an access by FTP (file transfer protocol). You have to configure a program to download and upload AIR/MIR files to your management system. As an example, we recommend winscp.

Download files from BookingPad

In case you want to download AIR/MIR files or GALOR from the frontend (BookingPad), you can do it in 'Exports' function. Click on Exports -> select Download files -> choose the file you want to download.

Updated on: 26/01/2024

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