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BookingPad Navigation

Login to BookingPad

You can sign in to BookingPad here with the login details that received in the registration email. 


When you logged in, the first thing you will notice is a search bar for shopping. This is a shop section where you can search offers either by the airport code or city name. More search options are described in this article.


Down in the left corner is a chat widget, through which you can contact us during business hours.


In the second section Orders, you can find all your orders either under statuses (active, cancelled, voided etc.) or you can click on ''Search'' option on the right and find orders by PNR, order ID, passenger's name etc.


In case your agency has more subagencies, you can see an overview of the orders in here. 

Other Settings

On the top right corner you can see your email address. When you click on the arrow next to it, you will get a drop-down menu with several options. 

Subagencies Management

In case your Agency has more branches, you can add them as Subagencies and manage the branches under one main Agency. You can also do it directly from BookingPad, just click on the top-right button “Invite New Subagency”, fill in the Agency Name and Manager Email and finish the process by clicking on the “Invite” button. 

Agents Management

In this section you can manage (activate/deactivate) all the Agents that have access to BookingPad. Each agent can be assigned one out of the three roles:

Booker - can shop and make on-hold bookings
Issuer - can shop and issue orders
Manager - can do all actions and also manage other agents (invite/delete)


Here you can change other account settings such as Currency, Date Format, Preferred stops or your Country phone code.


Exit the account.

Updated on: 06/02/2024

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