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Introduction to the BookingPad NDC Shop

Shop, book and service all NDC content in one screen

Bookingpad is a professional web-based app, allowing travel agencies to access NDC content easily. This comprehensive shopping, booking and servicing tool enables travel agencies to embrace the NDC age of airline distribution industry.

Shop Elements

Trip Type
Special fares - Via Presets
Cabin Type
Special discounts - To select resident or large family information
List of providers
Departing and Arriving airports
Revers departure and arrival
Dates - Use arrows for +1/-1 days
Search - To show results
Search history - List of previous searches

Start Searching

Select Trip Type:
Select number of passengers using the (-) and (+) icons:
Select Cabin Type.
If applicable, select Preset from the drop-down list or leave as No Preset.
Enter any applicable Corporate.
Enter the Departing Airport and Arriving Airport codes:
Use the calendar to select the Departure Date:
If applicable, click Special discounts to enter: Resident & Large family information
Click Search to view results.

Updated on: 17/05/2024

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