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On Hold Orders

Create On Hold Order

Most of the airlines provide an option to make on hold bookings that do not require an instant payment. On hold order is a pending order that has not been issued nor paid yet and will expire after a certain time period. Many travel agents use this option since they can first send the offer to the passenger, and after his approval, they can proceed with issuing and payment.

You can check which airlines offer on hold bookings in the section Airlines, column Booking on this page

To find out if your order allows to create an on hold order, you can see this information at the bottom of the chosen order during the shopping process.

Once you complete the passenger details, click on the button “Book On-hold”. The ancillaries can be selected on this occasion, or can be added later on, after the order is issued.


To check more details about the order expiration, go to your orders, select On Hold and click on the order you want to view. Down below the order you will see when this order expires. The expiration period may vary per airline, fare etc. (some orders can have 1 day expiration period, some can have 6 months). You can also export the order to PDF and send it to passenger.

In some cases you can see also two expiration tabs, one is for the order and the other one is for price.


If the airline allows to cancel on hold booking, you can do it directly in Bookingpad by clicking on the button “Order Cancel”. If the airline does not allow the option to cancel on hold booking, you won't see this button in Bookingpad, the order will just expire after the given period.


Once you want to proceed to issuing the order, click on the button “Order Issue”. Make sure all required data along with remarks are filled in, otherwise you will be notify that the issuing can't be processed.

Then choose the preferred payment method and complete the process by clicking on the “Proceed” button. The status of the order will be changed from On Hold into Ticketed in Bookingpad. You will still be able to add seats and services if you have not done it before, and also reshop the order.

Updated on: 09/04/2024

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