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Passenger documents

Add document Button

In case you need to add some additional documents to the order, click on the red button 'Add document' which you can find below the passenger details in the section PAX when creating new order. 

Document Type

You can select from various document types, such as Passport, VISA, Green Card, Redress, Fiscal ID, etc. The amount of documents is not limited, you add as many as you want. 

In some occasions, airlines such as Iberia and Avianca requires tax information from the company, especially when the airlines belong to certain countries, such as Ecuador or Peru. 

If you are European agency, you will need to choose VAT number. For Ecuador choose RUC, for Argentina CUIT and for Colombia NIT, etc.

Iberia airline requires to put this format into Document ID field:


Avianca airline accepts these values:

NULL - allows you to enter the document and/or identification code followed by the number

Identity Document

Some airlines require to add identity document details when creating the order, while the others don't have this option as compulsory. In case the airline you are booking with requires identity document, you can either add Passport or National ID details. Just choose the document type and fill in ID, expiration date and other mandatory details.

Fiscal Name

Only used in some special cases and we automatically create these results:

Issuing Iberia tickets for agencies which require it (RUC, CUIT, CUIL...):
Send “F” as type of document to the airline
Prepend the original type of document to the documentID + “/” (NIT/XXXXX)
Append “/” + the fiscal name to the documentID (NIT/XXXXX/fiscal name or other)

Issuing Avianca tickets:
Send the original type of document received by the API
Append the name to the documentID (XXXXXXX fiscal name)

Updated on: 09/04/2024

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