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Passenger Documents

Add documents

Use the button 'Add document' found below the passenger details in the section PAX when creating new order.
The number of documents is not limited, you may add as many as you need. 

Document Type

You can select from various document types, such as Passport, VISA, Green Card, Redress, RUC, CUIT, ...

Identity Document

If the airline requires an identity document, you will need to add a document of type Passport (PP) or National ID (NI) to the passengers.

Fiscal Name

When working with fiscal documents requiring tax information (RUC, RUT, CUIL, CUIT, CIF, ...) you will be able to add a Fiscal Name to them.

Airlines that currently process Fiscal Name are IB, AV, LA & CM

Updated on: 06/05/2024

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