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Special Fares

Special fares include negotiated, private, or tour operator fares, … that are not publicly available and can be accessed through BookingPad's 'Preferences' in the Presets section.

Accessing Special Fares

First of all, the airline must load the special fares for the PCC that you use with AirGateway. In case the fares can be received just with a specific qualifier (ID, promo code), the airline must provide you with the qualifier valid for the NDC environment. The qualifiers that are used in GDS usually don't work in NDC. If you have the fares loaded to the proper PCC and the airline confirmed your NDC qualifier, you can access special fares in BookingPad.

Gettng Special Fares in BookingPad

Complete our Google Form with the required details. Our team will guide you through accessing these fares via the 'Preset' feature. More details are available in this article.

Only the airline can provide information or initiate requests for special fares. Collect all necessary fare details from the airline before requesting these fares through AirGateway.

Updated on: 05/06/2024

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