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Order Refresh - missing or outdated data

Order Refresh (Retrieve) updates the order and actualizes details that are outdated or missing. 

When to make Order Refresh

Any time when the data are outdated or missing, specially when there was an action done with the order which changed the status and details in the order. 


The flight was disrupted and there are no details provided about what was changed (e.g. new times are not provided).

The on-hold booking was ticketed, but the status hasn't changed and tickets were not provided.

How to make Order Refresh

Open the affected order and click on the arrow icon on top right. Pointing on the icon you can also see a pop up ''Refresh Order''. After clicking on the arrow, the Order Retrieve will be triggered and the order will be updated. All missing or outdated information should be now correctly displayed. 

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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