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PDF Download and Customization

Once you create an order in Bookingpad (on-hold or ticketed), it's possible to download order details in PDF or send them via email. 

PDF Download

This option is available on the top-right menu via two different buttons

Exports -> PDF - allows for complete customization (shown below).
Legacy PDF - predefined customization of some values available directly from BookingPad.

PDF and Email Customization

We are able to add your agency logo and color to your template. If you require further customization, you'll need to send us the new template done with Liquid so we can add it to your agency.
It's possible to customize both, PDF and email templates. 

Fields that can be used in templates for customization:

subject -> Subject of the mail
agencyLogo -> agency's logo url served from our systems
providerLogo -> provider's logo url served from our systems
pnr -> order PNR
status -> booking status

passengers -> list of passengers with many information inside which can be looped in template -> title of the passenger (Mr, Mrs...) -> name of the passenger -> surname of the passenger -> passenger birthdate (if set) -> passenger email (if set) -> passenger phone (if set)
passenger.travelerReference -> passenger traveler reference from the airline
passenger.document.documentType -> main document associated to the passenger type (passport, visa...)
passenger.document.documentID -> main document associated to the passenger number
passenger.documents -> list of documents associated to the passenger which can be looped in template

document.documentType -> document type (passport, visa...)
document.documentID -> document number

agencyData -> information related to the agency with many fields inside -> agency name -> agency email -> total price paid by consumer
price.consumer.currency -> consumer currency

flights -> list of flights which can be looped in template
flight.segments -> list of segments inside a flight which can be looped in template -> date of departure for that flight
flight.departure.airportCode -> flight departure airport code
flight.arrival.airportCode -> flight arrival airport code
flight.arrival.airportName -> airport name property
flight.departure.airportName -> airport name property
flight.baggageAllowance.carryOn -> list of carry on baggages allowed for current
bookingflight.baggageAllowance.options[0].quantity -> allowed number of carry on baggages for a given traveler
flight.baggageAllowance.passengerRefs -> reference to the passenger associated to that carry on baggage
flight.baggageAllowance.checked -> same as carry on but for carry on baggage

flight.key -> reference key of that flight
segment.originDestination.departure.airportCode -> airport code for that segment origin
segment.originDestination.arrival.airportCode -> airport code for that segment arrival
segment.operatingCarrier.airlineID -> airline IATA code for the operating carrier of that segment -> aircraft code for that segment (it can be a plane number, train, bus...) -> segment departure date
segment.originDestination.departure.time -> segment departure time -> segment arrival date
segment.originDestination.arrival.time -> segment arrival time
segment.detail.duration -> duration of that segment
segment.originDestination.arrival.terminalName -> name of the terminal in the arrival
segment.detail.classOfService.code -> class of service code for that segment
segment.detail.classOfService.cabinDesignator -> class of service cabin designator for that
segment.disclosures -> list of disclosures which can be looped in template

disclosures.descriptions -> list of descriptions in each disclosure
disclosures.descriptions.originDestinationReference -> origin destination reference (flight keys)
disclosures.descriptions[].category -> category of the disclosure (cancellation, change...)
disclosures.descriptions[].text -> text of the disclosure
disclosuresPerCategories -> map of disclosures based on categories
disclosuresPerCategories.category_name.[].descriptions -> list of descriptions in each disclosure
disclosuresPerCategories.category_name.[].descriptions.[].text -> text of the disclosure
disclosuresPerCategories.category_name.[].descriptions.[].category -> category of the disclosure
disclosuresPerCategories.category_name.[].descriptions.[].originDestinationReference -> reference of the disclosure
disclosuresPerCategories.category_name.[].descriptions.[].units -> unit of the disclosure

Most airlines return disclosures for these categories:
UNKNOWN (here we add all those we don't know how to include in any of the rest)

For instance, if you want to show all checked baggage disclosures, you could use:

You can see an example in the attached article with our default template.
PDF Liquid template

Updated on: 20/03/2024

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