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Provider Error

What is provider error

Provider errors might occur in the NDC environment of our providers (airlines) and are displayed in BookingPad in the red banner. Please be aware that these errors are completely out of our control since they did not originate on our side, we are just displaying them on our frontend. 

Example of a provider error in BookingPad: 

How to solve the situation

In case you experience this error in NDC, please use an alternative platform or the airline (SPRK/Airline Portal) where you will be able to perform the action, or contact the airline support directly. 

For SPRK password reset you can follow this manual
SPRK is used by Farelogix airlines (LHG, EK, UA, CM…)
IAG portal is used by BA, IB

The agency must login to SPRK/Airline portal with the credentials that are valid for the PCC/IATA that are being used with AirGateway!  If you log in with a different PCC (agency ID) you won't be able to find and manage orders created in BookingPad.

For more information about airline portals and NDC servicing options please check this article. To learn more about what we can assist you with, please check our support page.

Updated on: 06/03/2024

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