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Order History

When inside an order, open the Order History tab to view information about the changes that have happened.

Use the "Date" button to sort actions by ascending or descending time.

After performing actions such as adding services " ServiceAddition ", doing a rebook " ItineraryChange " or receiving a disruption from the airline " Airline Notification " you can look at the Order History to get more details about the change.

Each step can reflect:

Timestamp: When has it happened
Action: What has happened
User: Who has done it
Price: How much has it cost
Items: What has been added/removed (services, seats)
Tickets: Numbers of new tickets added to the order
Changed: What is new (itinerary changes)
Type: What airline notification has happened
Context: Information about the airline notification
Remarks: Details about the airline notification
Seen by: Who has marked a notification as seen

Updated on: 21/03/2024

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