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Pending Payments

When leaving the addition of Seats and Services or Rebooks and Upgrades with the payment option as On-Hold, or when there was a problem while processing a payment.

Leave changes On-Hold

Providers that support the option to not pay for Seats, Services, Rebooks or Upgrades instantly and leave then On-Hold will have this option as a Payment method while adding them to a ticketed order.

Once added as On-Hold the item will be shown as a Pending Payment when clicking the button at the bottom of the order, where you can see the details again and proceed with it's payment.

The payment of pending items have a time limit, once it's over the itmes will disappear from the list.

Multiple items can be left as On-Hold and they will continue to be added to the Pending Payments list to be payed simultaneously.

When Seats and Services have are pending payment, Rebook and Upgrade will be disabled and viceversa.

Problem while processing a payment

If there was an issue while processing a payment, the Pending Payments button at the bottom of the order will be shown with the item that couldn't be payed inside.

Updated on: 04/06/2024

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