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Preset Function

Unlock exclusive airline content for your agency using BookingPad's 'Preset' function. Easily create templates for various fare types to access special fares by defining:

Preferences: Negotiated, marine, tour operator fares, and more
Qualifiers: Account IDs or promo codes
Preferred airlines

Effortlessly customize your content to match your agency's needs.

How to set up Presets

Click "No Preset" and choose "Edit Preset" from the dropdown.

If you have a file with your presets, you can import them by clicking on “Import

If you want to create them in BookingPad, click on “Add”

Configure your preset

Title: name your preset
Airline: define the applicable airline
PTC: map it to the required PTC of the selected airline + preference. Add new ones if necessary.
Preference: choose fare types or create new ones.
Qualifier: enter Account/Contract ID or Promo Code provided by the airline.

Click "Save" upon completion.

You will now be able to see your new preset in a table on the Presets page along with options to Edit and Delete it.

How to use Presets

Choose the preset from the dropdown along with other details before searching.
Your search results will align with the selected preset.

Video tutorial

Creating presets

Checking the settings

Updated on: 09/04/2024

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