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Cancel Options - Void & Refund

To cancel or void a reservation, click the button 'Cancel Options' at the bottom of the page. 

The order won't be canceled immediately but it will open a new window showing the fare rules and amount that can be refunded. In case the order is within the voiding period, you will see the option to void the order. 

Order Cancel

Example of cancelation - Non-cancelable order: on this screenshot only the taxes (93.19 EUR) can be refunded according the the fare rules._

Once you confirm the cancelation through the button 'Cancel&Refund', the order will be canceled and you'll get a confirmation banner 'Order has been successfully cancelled and refunded'. 

Order Void

In case the airline is sending us VoidAllowed=true, which means the order is within the voiding period and can be easily voided, we display only the button 'Order Void' that you can click on and void the reservation.
Example of voiding - VoidAllowed=true_

If airline is sending us VoidAllowed=unknown, which means it's not known whether void is allowed or not, we display both buttons - 'Cancel&Refund' and 'Order Void', and also a message that the airline does not provide these information. In this case the agent should be aware of this situation and check the voiding policy of the airline. The agent can try to void the order, however it's not guaranteed the void will be processed properly (depending on the voiding window of the provider). The airlines that don't send the voiding information are BA, IB and LA. 

Example if voiding - VoidAllowed=unknown_

Updated on: 26/01/2024

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