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Airline Notifications - Disruptions

Email notification

When a flight is changed by the airline, the agency is notified to the email provided for these types of notifications about the change that occurred.

We recommend using the operations email address, so emails won't be sent to one specific agent only.

Where to find notified orders

You can display all orders with notifications by selecting the "Notifications" tab at the top right of the Orders page, next to the Search option.

Orders with unseen notifications will always have a ❗ next to their status, and hovering over it will display the Context of the notification (e.g. Flight Number Change, Flight Time Change etc.)

View details in Order History

Inside the History of a notified order you will see one or multiple events with the ❗ similar to the one found in the order list.
Here you can read more about what the change done by the airline was (information will vary depending on what the airline provides) and will have the option to mark it as seen to remove it from the list of Notifications and the ❗ from the order and history.

Action required

Changes that need to be approved by an agent will display a message at the top of the order view and will have the bottom servicing options replaced by the "Action required" button until an action is taken.

Once clicked on the "Action required" button you will be prompted with the details of the change and options to:

Order Rebook
Cancel & Refund
Accept changes

If you don't agree with the changes look for alternatives in the first 2 options. You will be not cancelling/rebooking the order right away, there will be steps before where you will be able to make choices depending on the conditions.
Accept the changes to continue with the alternative provided by the airline.

Look at this article to know if the airline has the options to Rebook and/or Refund available free of charge after a disruption.

If you have any issues with the available options; or you need to discuss the conditions for the changes or cancelations, please contact the airline directly. They will be able to help you. You should have airlines contacts on the agreements you have signed with them.

After an action is taken, the order will reload, and notification will be removed and marked as seen.

No action required

When the change made doesn't require any approval, as they have been auto-accepted by airline, once noticed you can go to the history and mark it as seen.

In the event of changes not being displayed in the Order History of a notified order, please Refresh the order to load missing data.

Updated on: 08/03/2024

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