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Order Reprice

The reprice function will do a repricing of your order and call the airline API for that. In case there is any change received from the airline, the information will be shown in BookingPad and according to that, you can decide whether you want to continue with issuing or not.

Where to find the Reprice function

Click the 'Order Issue' button at the bottom of the page. You will see the Reprice button next to the amount. 

When to do Reprice

The need to reprice the order varies per airline. For example, BA requires automatic repricing for all orders, which means the reprice function is not displayed in BookingPad and reprice is automatically called for every Order Issue. The opposite is for Accelya airlines (A3, AA, CM, EK, HA, LHG, QF, UA) which sometimes require manual repricing and sometimes don't.

There are the following scenarios: 

You REPRICE the order (click 'Reprice' button)

If no changes are detected and you get a message 'Price didn't change', you can continue with issuing (click Proceed).
If changes are detected, you will get a comparison of the old offer (top) and new offer (bottom). The old offer is grayed out and is no longer selectable. If you agree with the change, you can continue with issuing. If you don't agree, void or cancel the order.

Please check carefully the changes in the new offer**. It can be just a price change but in some occasions airlines can change also the fare type.

You DON'T REPRICE the order (click 'Proceed' button)

If repricing is not required by the airline, the order will be successfully issued when clicking on Proceed.
If the airline requires repricing, the issuing will fail and you will get a provider error saying you need to reprice the order. In this situation you need to click on 'Reprice', check what has changed in the order, and decide whether you wan't continue with issuing or not.

Updated on: 20/03/2024

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