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Order Rebook - Itinerary Changes

Where to make changes

In case you want to make changes in the order such as date or airport, click on the option Order Rebook at the bottom of the page.

In case you have several segments in your order, you will see a window below the route saying 'Keep segment'. If you don't want to make changes in this segment, leave it as it is and continue to the segment that you want to change.

Example for round trip (several segments):

If there is only one segment in the order, you will see a window saying 'Change segment'.

Example for one-way trip:

What can be changed

Most of the airlines allow date changes, several providers allow also the change of origin/destination airport. Click on the drop-down menu next to 'Keep segment' and select the second option 'Change segment'.

Date Change
To proceed with a date change, click on the calendar icon and select a new date. You can also select a preferred departure time clicking on the clock icon. Then click the search button and select a new flight from the offer.

Airport Change
To proceed with a change of the airport, click on the airport you want to change (either origin or destination) and type the new airport code into the field below. Then click the search button and select a new flight from the offer.

Started orders
Once the order has a 'started' status, meaning one segment was already flown, the segment selector is disabled and the change cannot be made. For such cases you need to contact the airline directly.

Select the new offer

After clicking on 'Search' you will get new fights offered. Select the new offer and continue to the payment to finalize the rebook.

Complete the payment

You will see the total amount to be paid that includes both the fare price and penalty fee in case there was any applied (depending on change policy of the airline). Choose the payment method and finish the order rebook by clicking on the 'Pay' button.

Once completed, you will see a green banner confirming your changes.

Updated on: 20/03/2024

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