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Send Order Details in PDF or Email

Once you create an order (either on-hold or ticketed order), you can download the itinerary in the PDF or send it via email. These functions can be found under the 'Exports' button. 

Ask us for more details on how to activate this option.


The first function PDF allows you to download a PDF which includes the itinerary informations that can be seen in Order Details. This PDF can be also customized and tailored to the need of your agency. For more details check the article PDF Download and Customization

Send by Email

This function allows you to send order details via en email (for example directly to the traveler). Click on the button and insert the email address where you want to send the details.

Legacy PDF

The function Legacy PDF next to Exports, works similarly as the previous PDF option and allows you to download details into a PDF. It's a legacy version with a different template design and you can quickly customize it (show/hide details) directly from BookingPad. Further customization is not possible here. 

Updated on: 20/03/2024

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